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What NOT to Wear to Your Family Session

🍂's that time of year where my clients panic over what to wear for their family session. I thought it would be a great time help make the process just a little easier.

1) DO NOT WEAR THE WRONG SHOES: The first is wearing uncomfortable shoes that you can’t move around in during your photo session (yeah, I’m talking to you, moms!). Most of my sessions involve play, so if you’re in heels, it’s going to be really tough to let loose and enjoy your family.

2) DO NOT WEAR UNCOMFORTABLE CLOTHING: Seems obvious, but it’s an important one. Let’s focus on guys, here. Dads will be throwing their kids in the air and lifting their arms a lot, so a shirt that is too short isn’t ideal. Test the shirt out at home! Lift arms above your head and see how it looks.

gainesville family photographer

3) DO NOT MATCH: Matching is out, coordinating is in! Pick similar tones and don’t be afraid of throwing in patterns. Don’t go by your personal preference in color, I’m not a huge fan of black because details get lost. Always add in some neutrals (like cream, brown and gray) because the colors flow nicely and they are usually timeless.

Gainesville Family Photographer

4) DO NOT WEAR TURTLE NECKS, HIGH COLLARS, OR HOODIES: Covering up the neck area is not very flattering and can add bulk, so if you need to add extra warmth in the colder months, wear an extra layer or stylish jacket rather than wearing a turtleneck. This also applies to tightly wrapped scarves. I want to see that neck!

5) DO NOT GET TOO FORMAL: Obviously, you want to look nice for your photos, but it’s more of a relaxed vibe. We are going to be playing games and having fun so wearing bow ties and blazers!

6) DON'T PUT OFF PLANNING YOUR WARDROBE: If you don't know your vibe, ask your trusted photographer! If you're looking to capture that whimsical, Boho vibe in your family session, then let's talk wardrobe! To nail that soft, "light and airy" look, the colors you wear are key. Think earthy tones like tan, cream, and gray, along with soft shades of white, blue, green, and pink. Girls, flowy dresses and skirts with girly touches will give your snaps that ethereal feel, while guys can swap their dark denim for khakis, or other light-colored trousers.

Gainesville Family Photographer

If bold and bright is more your style, choose clothes that will pop and highlight your personality.

Bright, solid colors, especially jewel tones, photograph very well. Avoid bright reds, oranges and neon colors because they can reflect on to your skin and make the images challenging to edit. Patterns are OK, but stick with larger patterns if possible - at least as big as a quarter.

When in doubt, don't be afraid to text your photographer! We LOVE to be involved in helping create the best experience for you as we possibly can! Text, call, or email me anytime!


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