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With the holidays approaching and your session on the books, I thought I would get you guys thinking about what to wear! So many of my clients manage to pull together adorable wardrobes, but there are those of you out there that I know would love a little advice on the subject.

Think of colors other than red & black:

Remember, for most of you a family portrait is only happens annually or bi-annually if your lucky. So, dressing in traditional “holiday” clothing might not be a portrait you want to look at year round. Branching out from red and black will help create a timeless feeling and not bullseye your portrait as a “Christmas Photo.” However, holiday colors still look great if that is the look you are going for. I am a sucker for Christmas time myself, so don’t let me persuade you if you had your mind set! I just wanted you to give thought to how you will be using your photos and where you will be displaying them.

Why NOT to match:

There is one thing I would like you to avoid, and that is MATCHING! I know for some of you the task of coming up with a creative, complementing look is overwhelming. So you think buying everyone a white top and khakis seems like the perfect solution. WRONG! Don’t do it! Matching your entire family is great for traditional portraiture, but that is most likely not why you are coming to me! I want your images to be fun, have life and show your personality so lets think outside of the box a little! For laughs I thought I would link you to AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com so you can see what not to wear….or do for that matter :-)

Why layering is everything:

I can not stress the importance of layering when trying to bring different colors together. It also adds interest and personality your photo as you can see in some of the sample wardrobes below. It is also a wonderful way to hide “problem” areas that some of us Mom’s think we have.

Think about props:

I love adding props to a session! Not anything that screams at you, but an object that lends itself to the location and surrounding. It is also a great way to get kids (and the family) engaged in something and to naturally smile. Good examples are a kite on the beach, a lolly pop at the park, or milkshakes with a down town setting.

Consider a Make-up Artist:

Some of you may feel that hiring a make-up artist is a bit over-the-top, but I can tell you from experience it can be worth EVERY penny!  They really understand make-up for photography which is most often much different than what you are used to putting on. After all, remember that you are investing a lot into this and photos are forever!

Some of my favorite Make-up Artists are: Amanda Hopcraft, Kimtasha and Artistry by Erin.

Great shopping resources for kids clothes:

Matilda Jane



Mini Boden


Janie & Jack


Hanna Anderson

Crew Cuts (J.Crew)




Family Holiday Style 1






Family Holiday 2




Family Holiday 3



Holiday Family 4










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