I want to introduce to you, Amanda Hopcraft a Jacksonville, FL Make-Up Artist and our first Vendor Spotlight! Amy and I wanted a way to help our readers connect with vendors in our area, so we have decided to feature a special segment as often as possible here on the blog!

Couture has worked with Amanda on numerous Jacksonville and St. Augustine weddings and can attest to her beautiful work. When I approached Amanda with my Vendor Spotlight idea she was as excited to kick it off as I was!  In order to feature her and her work she decided to discuss the importance of professional make up for photography and to show it with before and afters. Hum, great idea Amanda, but who could we possibly get to want to do the BEFORE’S?  Hesitant to ask, I contacted a few of my past brides and friends to see if they would be so brave as to allow me to post them without a stitch of make-up for Amanda’s cause. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard and each one of them agreed!

I asked Amanda to write why she thought hiring a professional make-up artist for your wedding day or engagement session was important. Here is what she wrote:

“You’ve hired the perfect photographer for a Christmas card photo, your engagement portraits, a maternity session or your wedding day. You’ve spent time doing your research into locations and making sure you have the right outfit or accessories, your hair is done just so and  you prepare to capture a moment that you will hold onto to years to come or possibly a lifetime. But, have you thought about what your going to do with your makeup?  Your face will be the first thing everyone looks at, when these moments matter enough to capture you at your very best, there is no better to time to hire a professional makeup artist! I’m not talking about your door to door sales girl or the lady behind the beauty counter, I’m talking about a professional licensed makeup artist that has received years of training in their craft and has experience with event and photo ready makeup.

Hiring someone for your special day has a ton of advantages!

  • We can help make you look your absolute best and take away any of those little red spots that may have come up or those dark circles from too much stress the week before.
  • Hiring a makeup artist gives you one less thing to think about! You don’t have to worry if you are wearing the right lipstick, if your forehead will be shiny or if you have enough blush on. For that moment while your having your photo taken or all eyes are on you, you’ll have the confidence of  knowing you look amazing and flawless.
  • Makeup artists know all of the tricks and secrets to bring out your very best features and hide those that you might not love so much.

I’ve been a makeup artist for over 7 years, there is so much that has changed over the last few years. I have to say the biggest thing is the AMAZING cameras that most photographers own, these cameras capture every detail making for sharp, crisp, elegant photographs and can also be very unforgiving  when makeup is not done properly. There is nothing worse than being washed out in your favorite photo or being able to see every imperfection on your forehead! Yikes! Having your makeup done, particularly having airbrush makeup done allows you to get closer and closer to that flawless look without even having to have your photo retouched! Airbrush makeup provides a smooth, even, well-blended finish that feels like you aren’t even wearing makeup but, lasts for hours.

Its always been my philosophy that makeup should highlight all the things that are beautiful about you. What better time to highlight your beauty than on a day that is so special that you want to capture it forever? I could write forever about how important makeup is for any special occasion but, its simple, you should look perfect and be stress free the day of your wedding or during that perfect photo and the best way to do that is to hire a professional. After all, that’s what we are here for and before you think that you cant afford a makeup artist think again. There are many affordable quality makeup artist available for a variety of events and occasions. Do it for yourself and your memories … Your worth it!

I want to give a giant THANK YOU from the roof tops to our models!! You ladies are gorgeous both inside and out! Thank you, thank you for being such great sports! I love the images we got! Here are some of my favorite from our shoot…

I also want to thank Floriade Florist for the amazing bridal bouquets!!

Amanda is currently updating her website, but in the meantime if you are interested in booking her on your special day, contact her through www.weddingwire.com/amandahopcraftmakeupartist or call (386)972-5980.

If interested in being featured with your own Vendor Spotlight post please let us know!


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