I am in the middle of editing photos from our recent Miami engagement session with Laurie and Randy when I came across some action shots Amy and I snagged of each other while shooting. I thought I might post this brief  blog about the benefit of having two photographers on a wedding. This post is geared more towards brides and grooms than it is towards photographers, which I am sure you photogs out there will see if you choose to read on…

The first benefit is we have more fun. Ha! Ok, I know a couples wedding day isn’t about us…buuuuut, when we have more fun our couples have more fun! Amy and I are great friends and really enjoy what we do together. Good Karma is good for everyone, right?

But more importantly, two photographers helps in two major ways; perspective and logistics.  Perspective: You have two creative eyes shooting. This is major!  Amy might see a great place for a portrait and in her head have a completely different idea than I do for that same spot. This allows for not only double creativity but more images for your album! Shooting together also allows for one of us to be the Lead and the other to Second Shooter. The way we work, the Lead generally makes sure to capture what is needed and most important during the day. For example the Lead would stand in the center eisel as the bride walks down with her dad during the ceremony, where the Second would maybe be with her and her Dad during the last private moments before they walk. In my opinion, what the Second Shooter captures is many times our clients favorite images. This kind of ties into the second benefit which is logistics.  One photographer just can not be in two places at one time.  If a groom is getting ready with is groomsmen at his home, and the the bride is getting ready at a hotel we just split up. It’s that simple.

There is a gauntlet of other reasons that two photographers is a bonus that I should at least mention a few. Two photogs means there is defiantly back-up equipment on hand, and not to mention a back up photographer encase god-forbid something were to happen to one before the big day.

Below are some images from an engagement session which we often shoot together.  During these sessions shooting together allows for a more solid well balanced gallery filled with two different visions. Sometimes I think I have the best angle until I see what Amy got from the same shot and I change my mind because she rocked it!

Here we are with Laurie & Randy in-front of this cool gate at a local hotel in South Beach.

Amy’s perspective. This vertical was shot with a 50 1.2 and allowed for the Hotel to be in view.

I crouched below to capture a more intimate view of the couple. I used a 50 1.2.

The light was perfectly setting when we saw these grasses. We ran the couple over to this area for these romantic shots.

I had on a 50 1.2 for this sweet moment.

Amy ran around the path to the other side of the grasses to capture the buildings to once again show more environment. She used a 70-200.


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