THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK – Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer


“Where does the time go?” We have all heard it, said it and thought it. It breaks my heart to think another summer has flown by. Josie’s last summer of being 8, Jake being 5 and Fireball Jesse 1 1/2. We didn’t get to do all the activities and trips that I had planned for the kids as we thought we would. We were forced to stick close to home this year with the sale of our house and our 2-3 showings a week. Cleaning and staging my house all summer wasn’t my idea of a fun summer, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Being a grown up isn’t much fun sometimes.

One of my projects I had planned for myself this summer was to catalog, back up and print family photos. Any mom’s out there have the same idea? Not one bit of it happened. I have showed you a few photos of my only “real camera” photos from this summer, so let’s be honest. We have most of our photos, including me, on our phone and in Instagram.  Some of you may have found this cool company, but I wanted to share just in case you haven’t heard of them yet! Prinstagram is an incredibly easy was to print, yes, PRINT your photos! Yay!

I wish all of you mommies and your little kiddies out there a great start to a new school year. There are big changes coming with our family….more on that coming soon.

Bless you all! Xo, Jaime

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