STYLE SHOOT PREVIEW: A LOVEBIRD’S PICNIC – Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

Magic: the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces.  Ok, so no magic was actually performed last Friday during our shoot, but the creative team that helped pull this off combined with the amazing weather and “my” girl…it was pretty close. I say “my” girl, because she is. Josie is like the little sis I never had! Five years ago, she saved me. The magic began when she walked through my front door and into our lives to become a nanny to my kids. Little did she know it, but she was the driving force behind my business. I could not be this far without her. 2008-2010 were crucial years for Couture Studios, and being able to trust that everything was taken care of  on the homefront allowed me to work with a clear conscience. Any mom knows that is priceless.

Fast forward to today and she is engaged to the most wonderful guy, Alex. His passion for working on old cars like his Dad’s 1970′s VW Bus combined with Josie’s love with all things beautiful exploded with the concept behind our styled shoot! This session was so dear to my heart that I could not sleep the night before. I wanted this shoot to be amazing for Josie and Alex. I owed this too the girl who forever changed my life.

I had the hardest time choosing just a few images to sneak peek from our Love Bird’s Picnic styled shoot! There are so many more that I can not wait to share! I want to give a big thank you to Megan Martin for her fabulous styling, Allison Wilburn for make-up (info@allisonwilburn.com), SLN Studios for your assisting and behind the scenes and of course Josie and Alex for your concept and pure beauty both inside and out.

More to come…so stay tuned! XO – Jaime



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