I am sure you have heard the phrase “flattery will get you know where.” Well, I totally…100% disagree! The day Sophia emailed me telling me that she loved my maternity photos and wanted some of her own was music to my ears!

Sophia and Jeff are new residents of  Jacksonville.  Sophia is originally from this area, but had moved out to New York where she eventually met her future husband Jeff. Jeff is an amazing Fashion Photographer who was working in Manhattan at the time. (This boy has made the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month–hello?! Check out HIS BLOG.)  He had put an add out with a local apartment finder that he needed a roommate/house sitter. With is profession, he was always away for work he liked the idea of having a body in his apartment while he was gone.  Sophia filled that spot beautifully and actually without even meeting him she moved in while he was away. One evening she came out of her bedroom and he was standing in the living room. Can you say—aaawkwaaard? The rest is history! These two have been married for two years and are now expecting their fist baby. Jeff is still shooting and Sophia does all of his post-process work. They are just oozing with coolness.

Congratulations you two on your soon-to-be-baby! It’s a magical time that you don’t ever want to forget. Bless you both and thank you again for bringing me into your little world to help you hold on to these memories.

CLICK HERE to watch their slideshow!


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