SHOWER FOR MY BABY J – Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

For those of you who haven’t been filled in yet, I am pregnant with my third child and due on March 27th!! I am currently on Maternity leave – May 19th. My due date is quickly approaching and I am MORE THAN READY! Let’s do this Baby J!

This post is a little overdue since my shower was hosted back in January. My best friend, Laura and sister-in-law, Becca, threw me this beautiful party and I was overjoyed with how much fun everyone had. Many of my old friends and family from Gainesville drove up to help me celebrate along with my local crew. I am one blessed little lady to have such a support system. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate my little bundle.

XO, Jaime

I also want to give a special thanks to my friend Shandon with Lifeprints Photography for capturing the day for me. That was something I just did not want to do but wanted so badly!! You did a fantastic job and can’t thank you enough.


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