SHERRY + MARSHALL’S WEDDING PREVIEW – Gainesville, FL Wedding Photographer


I traveled back to my hometown last Saturday to be a part of Sherry and Marshall’s wedding day. I was super excited about this wedding and to spend time with this gorgeous couple! I was also excited that my referrer and my bride, Aliya, from last fall was a bridesmaid! I met Sherry and her bridesmaids in her presidential sweet at the Gateway Grande that morning and was greeted with a giant hug and introductions galore. Everything was going as plan and we were even ahead of schedule most of the day, but there are just some things you just can’t control; the rain. I was very impressed with how Sherry handled the weather, because following the ceremony it started to rain. We managed to capture some beautiful photos of this amazing couple despite the weather. After all, rain is good luck right?

Congratulations you two on your beautiful ceremony and marriage! I hope you get a chance to sneak away and enjoy your honeymoon! Enjoy your preview. There are more to come so stay tuned! XO, Jaime

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