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Bribery is the only way I can get any photos of my kids these days. And alas my heart was content on getting my annual Halloween portrait in…and this Momma always gets what she wants! This time it only took a handful of candy corn. Easy. Done. Suckeeeers.

Needless to say, yesterday was the last day I had before our family filled weekend so I dressed them up and headed down to my favorite vacant front porch in town. Everyone needs one of those! This old house screams spooky. With my busy life I didn’t really have time to plan much but I did remember to grab our pumpkins and an old tire Jason had in the shed. Gotta love a prop!

This year Josie wanted to be Rapunzel and Jake just lives and breathes for Cars so his pit boss was an easy choice. Photographing my little guys in their silly dress up every year and it has become an obsession. I am BIG on holidays and love to decorate the house for each of them. I frame a few of my favorite photos from each year and they get packed away with the rest of the Halloween stuff. I do it for Christmas too. Unpacking the framed photos each year is just about one of my favorite things.

Have a fun and safe Halloween you guys! Much love, Jaime

Image below: Aaaaa….earth to Josie!

Image below: Wig malfunction. This thing is heavy!

Image below: I am so afraid this guy takes after his Mommy.

Image below: Typical Jake face.

Image below: Sneakers, we will see you in our Christmas portrait this year!


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