PREGNANCY PROGRESSION 19 – 38 WEEKS – Jacksonville, FL Portrait Photographer

Many of you have been following my pregnancy here and on Facebook since my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Well, here I am.  I started this project at 19 weeks and was super gung-ho about documenting the growth of my baby belly, however lost a little momentum throughout the pregnancy. I ended up with 8 stages when my goal was at least 9. Life for this photographer mom has been super busy so I am proud that I at least accomplished what I did and am super happy to have this to look back on. Oh, and many thanks to my pal Amy and my husband for documenting these images for me!

Tomorrow I turn 39 weeks and no sign of baby boy yet. I know I have a fantastically cosy womb, so I don’t blame the little dude. I know he will be worth the wait!

XO, Jaime


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