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I am a wee-bit behind in my work and it has been over a week since I have blogged. Life has been quite nuts here in the Smith household but with the summer approaching I feel myself catching up from my busy spring.

I was a little unsure on weather I should blog this post. As many of you bloggers understand, blogging is as much of a digital journal for you as it is for your readers. There are great reads out there on what is good to blog and what is not so good. In my industry most feel it is important to have your readers get to know you through your blog by posting about your personal life. As I do understand that can be helpful for my clients to get to know me, it is sometimes tough to determine what is too much to share and what isn’t.  I hope this isn’t one that is too much.

Needless to say I have been back and forth all week about this tremendous moment in my life, as it was also poignant name for a holiday. Over Memorial weekend my family drove our boat to the middle of Lake Weir and said our final goodbyes to my Mother.  I decided that this post would be my tribute and thank you to a woman who not only brought me into the world but taught me to pursue happiness and my passion for photography.

It had been almost five years since my Mom died of breast cancer and my Dad was finally ready to let go. He had been planning for over a month that this weekend would be the day. It was a rare moment to have both my Mom’s sisters with us so it was the perfect time. It was just after eight o’clock when we piled into our boat with Mom’s container in hand. The sun was just starting to warm the air and there was a slight breeze moving the clouds. My nerves were building up so I hid my teary eyes behind my camera. I couldn’t keep my lens off my Dad. His strength in these last few years has been beyond amazing and watching him pull this intimate ceremony together was inspiring. He has grown in ways I never thought possible and for this he is truly my hero.

Many you have seen posts from our family lake house before. My brother and I have been going out there since we were born, so has my Dad, his Dad and his Dad’s Dad too.  Therefore, with the generations of past memories and plans for many more in front of this awesome body of water, what better place to lay Mom’s ashes. Maybe this way she gets a better view.

I miss you every day, Mom, and love you more than ever.



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