I couldn’t resist posting our dorky pix from the photo booth set up at our latest wedding.  Shannon & Matt (post coming soon), brought in Plumb Fun to set up one of their super-sweet photo booths at their reception. As you can see below Amy & I couldn’t stop ourselves from jumping in for our own pix! Not sure what to take from our less than creative mug-shots but *whatevs* we had fun!

Speaking of fun, we are jet setting to Miami for an engagement session tomorrow and couldn’t be more ecstatic! We are very much looking forward to meeting our October bride & groom, Laurie and Randy and shooting with South Beach as our backdrop! On this trip I foresee many more silly photos of ‘yours truly’ from this overnight hiatus! If you want to something to distract you while at work on Wednesday follow us on Twitter [ME] and [Amy] and our Facebook page too!


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