Tomorrow is her big day. Her giant step towards “big kid.”  Josie, my sweet-as-pie, ray-of-sunshine of a girl starts kindergarten. She has no idea how momentous this occasion is, and how bitter-sweet this is for me.  As we all know she cannot begin to fathom how precious these last 5 years with her have been to me until she walks in motherhood’s shoes. The wisdom thing comes with age and every year I sure keep gaining that!

When I was pregnant with Josie, I swore this girl would giggle inside of me. The nurses said from her ultrasound that by the size of her cheeks she HAD to have a beautiful smile. They were on the money. By the time Josie was 11 days old she was grinning from ear to ear.  She is the light of her Daddy and my life and I truly cannot believe that she is starting grade school.  I feel like the last 5 years has fast forwarded to this moment and I am scrambling to find the pause button!

But alas, it is happening. I have been blessed to have taken most of the summer off to be home with her.  Her vocabulary has shot through the roof. Shes swimming on her own and has finaly mastered egg cracking. She is making so many connections now that it is truly amazing to see. Where did my baby go?

So, for those of you Mommies who are dropping your little ones off this week and the next for their first shot at the *real world* I am right there with you. Tears, camera and all.

*Stay tuned for a few pix of her first day!


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