MICHELLE + RYAN’S ATLANTIC BEACH WEDDING – Atlantic Beach, FL Wedding Photographer


Wedding season is in full force here in Jacksonville, FL and the reason is that the weather is absolutely beautiful this time of year, and on this particular Satruday it was perfection! Warm with a cool breeze off the coast combined with a drop dead gorgeous couple and the back drop of Atlantic Beach made for a day usually found in a fairytale. I met Michelle in her One Ocean hotel room that afternoon and was immediately greeted with smiles and southern hospitality. With a room full of gorgeous girls, mimosas and a bride who looked like she stepped off the cover of Modern Bride I couldn’t stop snapping my shutter . I was inspired all day by Michelle and Ryan and their beautiful, easy going beach wedding that reflected their personalities to a tee!

Congratulations Michelle + Ryan on your marriage! Thank you for trusting me to capture your day.  XO, Jaime

Ceremony and Reception Venu – One Ocean Resort & Spa

Wedding Coordinator – Sarah Seibers with Sight & Sound Productions

Cake Artis – One Ocean Resort & Spa

Florist – Kelly’s Bloom Room

Band & Ceremony Music – Bread & Butter

Hair Stylist – Mandy Miline (904) 859-9621

Make-up Artist – Knockout Artistry (Natalie)



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One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0050 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0014 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0015 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0016 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0017 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0018 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0019 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0020 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0021 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0022 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0023

One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0051 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0052 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0053 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0054 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0055 One_Ocean_Resort_and_Spa_Wedding_Photographer 0024


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