Giggle. Giggle. Giggle. If you were to look up that word in the dictionary I am sure you would fine a photograph (hopefully mine) of these three kiddos! I first got to meet these three little people back in September 2007 in their home in Jacksonville. The oldest, McKenna, was completely enamored with what I was doing and was a wonderful helper with her two younger siblings. Addicus and Raine were not 100% thrilled I was there. Luckily, I had a trunk in my trunk (no, not junk in my trunk) which I usually keep stowed for sessions with children to distract them and keep them wrangled.

Fast forward two years and these guys are just as cute and full of giggles. It is so neat-o to watch these little ones growing up and to see such a change in their appearance. I thought it was perfect their Mom decided to have me back to their home to capture them in the every day environment where they feel most themselves.  Kids feel so much more comfortable in their bodies and in front of the camera than us adults, and these guys were precious with me this time.  I believe we made a memory during these sessions. Well, at least I did.

One of my favorites from our session back in 2007.


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