Goose-bumps popped up all over my body when Aaron whispered to me “I have a ring.”  Jasmine had just walked into the bathroom at the studio to freshen up, so Aaron took the opportunity to tell me he was going to propose to her during our session! I almost knocked the poor guy to the floor when I pushed him harder than Elaine on Seinfeld….”GET OUT!” It was a huge surprise to me so I couldn’t imagine how surprised Jasmine would be.  We had to devise a quick plan. It was settled. He would wait until we got to our outdoor location. Oh happy day. This would be my first proposal to photograph and I wanted it to be perfect for them.

We left the studio and headed to our secluded location. Jasmine didn’t suspect a thing. My heart started to race with anticipation as I am sure Aaron’s was too.  He said he was waiting on the ring to be ready so he could propose over Christmas, but it wasn’t, then New Years Eve, but it wasn’t.  All that was left was our session. He couldn’t wait!  After a few minutes of shooting I asked Jasmine to sit on this tree branch for our next few shots then Aaron took over. It was pure sweetness to witness him propose to the woman of his dreams and the mother of his first born.

Congratulations you two and all of your reasons to celebrate! Thank you for inviting me into your awesome little world and bless you and baby Adisenne on such a grand beginning. Xoxo, Jaime.

This photo below is my favorite. Capturing pure romance is a thrill. I’m addicted!


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