I have always had a knack for connecting with people. I guess I am what you call a “people person” or as my Mom used to put it, I never met a stranger. It doesn’t always happen, but more often than not when I walk away from a session or a wedding I feel like I helped create a friendship. Katie and Jason were two that I would say I got that warm fuzzy feeling with. Awww. Cheese factory-I know but I mean it. I love meeting new people and making new friends, and these two are just genuine, bonafide sweet and you would basically have to be bonkers not to want them as a bud!

After my first meeting with Katie and our phone conversations following, it was all I could do from buying a Hallmark card and sending the girl flowers, and when we met for our engagement session it was confirmed why these two are together. Jason not only adores Katie and her sense of humor, but is the epitome of a southern gentleman.  I just love a gentleman! These two couldn’t keep from smiling and giggling almost on cue. They were so much fun.

Katie and Jason, I had a BLAST with you two during our session and am so looking forward to your winter wedding!


These horrifying Bride and Groom baseball hats Katie bought for this session when her and Jason recently visited the Florida Keys. Jason thought she was nuts, but Katie assured him that they would be hilarious in a photo. She was right-they ARE funny. The kicker is she paid a whopping $50 each for them! THAT is what’s nuts!


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