JESSE TURNS 5 MONTHS – Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

I snagged this photo during his mid afternoon nap today. My baby boy turns 5 months old tomorrow and sit here in tears about how fast he is growing. I am a mixed bag of emotions about my last baby. I want to stop the clock or at least slow it down. I feel guilty about how I can’t spend as much one on one with him as I did with Josie, my first. But, on the other hand I love the comfortableness I feel as a mother the third time around. It makes me appreciate Jesse so much more. I am just loving my “Little Red.”

Life is certainly a whirlwind over here in the Smith house and in between the chaos I am trying to remember to stop and smell the roses. I have so much to be grateful for.  I love you my little man. Xo, Mommy.


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