JAKE TURNS THREE – Jacksonville, FL Portrait Photographer


I think all of us Mom’s has heard again and again that “it seems like yesterday” and “they grow up before you know it!” I guess I’m finally realizing what that really means because my youngest, Jake, has turned three years old today. Yes folks both my kiddos were born in February and it seems like yesterday that we brought our baby boy home from the hospital.

Jake is by far the most squiggliest, monkey of a boy you will ever meet.  He is super quite like his Daddy and super silly like his Mommy. He has this peace about him and will melt your heart with just a glance into your eyes. He is a real heart breaker and it’s not just because I am bias or anything. Ha! I love this boy more than life itself and feel so blessed to be able to raise a son. It is amazing to experience and certainly gives me incite to how the other half sees the world. It’s a true gift!

Happy Birthday my little man. If I loved you anymore I would pop! Xoxo, Mommy.


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