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My little Josie turns 6 today. Waaahhh. She is no longer my baby.  On Mother’s Day when she was 4 years old, my husband took these photos of us in the studio which are some of my most favorite photos ever. Feeling sentimental this morning, I picked up a book of poems my mother gave me when Josie was born. It is titled For You My Daughter. I suggest anyone read this who has a daughter or is a daughter. Especially if you need a good cry. For real! My Mom marked her favorite poem to me which I read very often and thought I would post it along with these photos on Josie’s birthday.

Happy Birthday my little big girl. I love you with all my heart.

For You My Daughter

Enjoy your life!

Laugh a lot. Love a lot.

Listen to your heart,

and follow where it leads you.

Do what you love.

Love yourself,

and share that love with others.

This is the way that we truly

make a difference,

add our beauty to the world,

and give something precious

to ourselves and others.

You have already made an impression on the world.

You have touched my heart

and my life

in a way that has

forever changed me.

Thank you for coming into my life,

forgiving any errors I made

in raising you,

and for allowing me the chance

to learn and grow with you.

I love you.

-Donna Newman


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