Ok, before you Mommies out there start beating yourselves up for not documenting your family photos like these below, just stop!  Let me at least tell you that most of my family photos are not taken with my “fancy camera” (as I have heard many of you call my Canon Mark II.)  The truth is the majority of my family photos are taken with my $150 point-and-shoot just like you! I love it. It is a sense of freedom and BREAK! When I am with my family, I want to be WITH MY FAMILY. The point-and-shoot allows me to remember the moment without being distracted by finding the best angle, capturing the best light or bribing my children to get that oh-so-natural smile. But alas, that has sure come with time.

I do like to take out my Canon when I go to the lake. For one, it is the perfect place to capture my little munchkins at play. It is like watching myself through the lens and the memories I have had growing up out there. I don’t want to ever forget them.  We had such a great trip this Easter weekend I thought I would share a few of my favorites. Enjoy.

Jake-y’s first Easter egg coloring. Can you say CLEAN?

Josie’s favorite color, pink!

Easter morning.

I think they must have eaten 1000 jelly beans that morning…

Fishing with Dad. This was the first time I have ever seen wildflowers out there. Loved this shot below.

The water was darn COLD, but my Josie didn’t think so. I think this one is going up on the wall….one of my favorites.


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