On one of the warmest days in February, Carissa and Austin’s wedding day was here. Their details were set and everything was in place. This was going to be a day to remember.

Carissa’s mother had mentioned that Carissa and Austin are two peas in a pod when we first met, and once I photographed them for their engagement session I could really see it. Every couple photographs different. Some exude extremely passion, some are super silly but Carissa and Austin are delightfully charming together and their small town, country wedding reflected them perfectly. I can see them both 50 years from now cuttled close in a movie theater like they were 20 again. Their love is full and on their wedding day it was bubbling over.

I was thrilled to be let into their families lives for this past few months and feel extremely blessed to be able to provide them with these images to help tell their story. Congratulations you two on a match made from up above! XO, Jaime


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