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It is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving has past and the new year is almost here. The stores have told us that Christmas is on it’s way for a few months now but now it actually is! After shooting 8 weddings in 9 weeks, I have been out of the house more than in. Couture Wedding Studios has been blessed with wonderful clients this year and I am over the moon with the images we have created for them.

Today, I look at Jesse in amazement knowing he is two days shy of turning 8 months.  I feel like I have missed almost all of it! After 5 months of drool, he finally cut his two front bottom teeth! He started crawling exactly one month ago, then the next day he was pulling up, and the third day he pulled himself right out of the crib and fell to the floor! My heart skipped a beat when I heard the thump and it was then I knew that this adventurous little boy of mine is going to take on the world with vengeance! Fast forward a month and he is now bulldozing up steps and over our laundry basket road blocks. At this point I think we might have to gate the entire house!  His biggest changes have all happened during my busiest wedding season ever, and these last few months have moved too fast. Our life is crazy but I often hear that one day we will miss the chaos when it’s gone. After only 3 nights, my husband and I have already forgotten to move Elf on the Shelf once, so I hope “they” are right! Having a 7 year old, 4 year old and baby in the house is messy and loud but it is everything I ever wanted. I know I am blessed so I am thankful.

I managed to muster up the energy to snap a few photos of Jesse in his nursery yesterday morning. I haven’t kept with my one session a month goal which saddens me, but I am trying not to beat myself up for it. Being a full time working mom of three isn’t easy so the fact that I take any at all I think is pretty good. My mommy expectations have decreased after each kid, and the mother I was with just one to the mother I am now are like two different women! Experience makes you wiser and today I feel like the the old man on the hill!

I am looking forward to December where my business will slow down and my Mommy mode will pick up. We have our first family of five pictures with our family photographer Stephanie Knowles with Jaiden Photography, which I am excited about! I wish you all a marvelous holiday season counting your blessings along with me.


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