Meet my new best bud Laura. We both grew up in Gainesville, FL and even went to the same middle school, but we didn’t become friends until we met again 2.5 years ago. Making new friends in your thirties is tough, and to make one that you know will last a lifetime is a blessing.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for this pretty lady and I am over-the-moon that she feels the same way about me. However, I shouldn’t toot my own horn so much. Laura would do pretty much anything for pretty much anyone. There isn’t a person out there who she hasn’t bought them lunch, cooked them dinner, cleaned their house, loaned them her favorite Anthropology dress or babysat their kids. She has done all of the above and more (without hesitation) for me, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Sooooooooo, when she asked me to squeeze her in for some belly shots of course I said I would think about it. Haha. No, of obviously I said yes and I am so happy she is excited about how they turned out.

This is Laura and her and her husband, Ryan’s, forth pregnancy! She assures me they are done after their little man Tate is born but some days I wonder.  Congratulations Laura-lou! I love you to pieces and I can’t wait to meet your newest member. Xo, Jaime



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