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I am totally feeling it. Baby fever, that is. My little Jake is turning 2 next month and growing like a weed. I keep sqeezing him into 18-24 month clothing and trying to stop time. He is turning two next month. I guess it is some type of maternal instinct that kicks in when your baby turns two, but it sure makes me want another one. Shhhh….yikes! Did I say that out loud?

Then to top it off, I have had a bunch of babies in the studio this month. I just love them and their squishy little tushies so especially around 6 months I like to photograph them in their birthday suit. I just had to post a few of my favorites!

P.S. Please excuse my mis-sized watermark, still waiting on the preset one from my designer. Still figuring my blog and how to post photos, too. This post took me forever!


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