A WHOLE LOT OF CHANGES GOING ON – Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

Shesh! Where do I begin? My family’s summer was a whirl wind! It seemed to go by in a blink of an eye. Josie’s first year in elementary school accomplished and back to school this week! My little first grader. Gosh, time flies! Jake started pre-k this week too! My babies are all grown up. But, I see now that have a newly found freedom. I don’t have any kids from 9:30-1:30 Monday – Thursday which has gotten my creative juices-a-flowin’ and has allowed me to make some major changes and really focus my business!

The biggest news is that I’m moving out of my studio. Many of you know I have been focusing my business much more on weddings and taking on fewer and fewer baby and portrait clients in general. I love all of my portrait clients and don’t plan to stop photographing them, I am I see less studio work in my future. Therefore, I will be having a studio garage sale! I haven’t figured out the logistics of it all yet, and whether I will have it at the Green Cove Springs studio or on-line. I will be announcing the date and items for sale soon, so you photogs out there keep your eyes and ears pealed!

Xo – Jaime


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