A STORMY BEACH WEDDING, St. Augustine Beach, FL Wedding Photographer


It has been a long time coming, but last fall was a record year for Couture! So much so, that I did not get a chance to post more than sneaks for my couple’s wedding images. I have decided to blog a few each month starting with Beth and Bryan’s beach wedding.

Just like most weddings, things don’t always go as planned. The flowers might be delivered to the wrong venue, the cake table gives way or God forbid it rains! Most couples can list a hand full of things that went wrong on their big day, but not many can say they were battling a Hurricane! On the Saturday of Beth and Bryan’s wedding Hurricane Sandy was quickly approaching. The day before the wedding there were 40 mile per hour winds and rain in St. Augustine so you can imagine how worried they were. Luckily on the day of their wedding, the rain held out and the winds were manageable so they could have their beach wedding after all!

There is something about sand between your toes when committing yourself to another amongst all of your closest family and friends. The day was casual and oh so romantic. Truly, my favorite kind! Congratulations again on your marriage. Thank you both for being so amazing. I wish you many years of happiness! XO, Jaime

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