A SOUTHERN INSPIRED RIBAULT WEDDING – Fort George Island, FL Wedding Photographer


Christina and Griffin’s southern inspired Ribault Club wedding was out of this world-perfect! They could not have asked for more beautiful weather or more wonderful friends and family to celebrate with.  Photographing a wedding at the Ribault Club is one of my favorite venues and Christina and Griffin where one of my sweetest couples all year. The morning of Christina’s wedding she warned me that they were both “criers.” But, then I let her know I have been known to cry while behind my camera so we were even-steven.

Every moment of their day was filled with laughter and the intimate moments that the couple shared were truly felt through the images we created together. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your lives to capture your beautiful Ribault Club wedding! Bless you both in your long life ahead. All of my love, Jaime

A big thanks to:

Gown – Jenny Yoo, Vocelles Bridal in Tallahassee, FL

Suit – Brooks Brothers

Wedding Coordinator – Chrissy Wetherhill

Cake – Classic Cakes

Florist - Shea Hopely

Band - Emerald Empire Band

Hair – Anna King

Ceremony Officiant – Dr. John Oliver

Ceremony music - Music by Peggie

Caterer – Matthew’s


Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 001 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 002 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 003 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 004 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 005 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 006

Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 007 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 008 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 009 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 010 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 011 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 012 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 013 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 014 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 015 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 016 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 017 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 018 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 019 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 020 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 021 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 022 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 023 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 024 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 025 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 026 Ribault_Club_Wedding_Photographer 027


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